Lang Tengah Diving

Lang Tengah Diving

Lang Tengah DivingLocated 9 nautical miles south of the Perhentian Islands is the small island of Pulau Lang Tengah. It is not yet on the main tourist trail but at least six dive sites have been identified. There is one resort that runs daily dive trips. The island also offers good snorkelling.

Lang Tengah’s isolation helps to keep dive sites in pristine condition.

Hard and soft corals are healthy and marine life is prolific. Large schools of trevally, snapper and fusilier are seen on most dives. Rainbow runners are often spotted. Reef fish include oriental sweetlips, wrasse, soldierfish, parrotfish and butterflyfish. Black tip reef sharks are occasionally spotted and very lucky divers may see a shovel nose ray. Bamboo sharks can be found under coral ledges.

Night dives are done in the shallow bays which are good for spotting crustaceans and nudibranchs.

The best time to dive Lang Tengah is March to September. Visibility can get up to 30m but 15m is more common.